Content: kids must be admitted to schools when they are mentally prepared to handle the initial level education. A kid should be at least 5 years of age when admitted to schools. Researches have also proved that 5 years is an appropriate age for admission in schools. 6 reasons are discussed in this article […]

The tech-savvy customers are using ecommerce websites to buy various goods. Instead of prowling through the streets to find what they want, they find it easier to use an ecommerce website. All hail technology! Let’s see in what three ways technology is changing ecommerce:   Mobile apps are changing consumer/retailer relationships There was a time […]

  In recent years, we have seen the demise of educational libraries. The technology has attracted more students due to its accessibility. There could be 10 problems academic libraries might face in 2017. • Not Enough Staff: Being a librarian is not a dream job for most of the students. They are also not being […]