6 Reasons Kids Should Be Admitted To Schools At 5 Years Of Age



Content: kids must be admitted to schools when they are mentally prepared to handle the initial level education. A kid should be at least 5 years of age when admitted to schools. Researches have also proved that 5 years is an appropriate age for admission in schools. 6 reasons are discussed in this article describing that a kid must be 5 years of age when admitted to schools.

Children of 5 years of age are able to take care of themselves 

The children of 5 years of age are quite sensible to stay alone in schools without parents. They can take care of themselves. They are able to eat lunch and go to washroom on their own. 5 year olds are given necessary training at homes.

The children of 5 years are able to understand the initial levels of education

Mental development and physical development play a crucial role in education. The 5 year olds are able to process the information. They are mature enough to understand the basic level of education. Their thinking is better and they possess cognitive abilities prepared for basic level of education.

5 year olds are easy to mix with their class fellows

5 year old children make friends and mix with other class fellows. They have friendships and enjoy their time in schools. They learn different things from their peer group. They are able to participate in group activities.

5 year olds are able to write

Development allows them to write in a better way. They are able to hold pen and pencils in a better way. Firm grip is important for writing in a better way. Writing is the fundamental part of education and child must know how to write alphabets and words at initial school level.

5 year olds are able to read and pronounce words properly

Children of 5 years of age are able to pronounce words in a better way. Developmental milestones are achieved by the age of 5 years. These children talk and can explain things in a proper way. It is very important for a kid to pronounce clearly so that the teacher can also understand him/her.

Children of 5 years of age have orientation to name, place and parents

Children of 5 years of age have better orientation about their name, place and parents. They know their parents name and can recognize their homes. They can tell names of their parents if lost somewhere. They can tell school authorities about their parents if there is urgency in school.

These were some of the reasons kids should be admitted to schools at 5 years of age. Children require some time for mental and physical development. They should enjoy their 5 years at homes under the supervision of their parents. First 5 years of age define personalities. Parents must give them room to grow mentally as well as physically which is important for proper development.