10 Problems Academic Libraries May Face in 2017



In recent years, we have seen the demise of educational libraries. The technology has attracted more students due to its accessibility. There could be 10 problems academic libraries might face in 2017.

• Not Enough Staff:

Being a librarian is not a dream job for most of the students. They are also not being offered handsome salary packages Therefore, academic libraries need to offer new lucrative packages to new generation or else they will run out of staff in near future.

• Information Literacy Framework for Higher Education:

The final version of the framework was released in 2015. This framework allows the academic librarians to work on the concepts of information literacy. After that project, no more projects are offered.

• Latest Technology:

The availability of relevant courses and information on internet has helped students in getting their desired information. Students find it difficult to go to libraries and search for their relevant books as compared to searching relevant information on internet.
Alternative Means

• Open Education Resources:

Open Education Resources are freely accessible files which includes both documents and all types of media files. These files are openly licensed and can be used for teaching, learning and research work.

• Alternative Means of Acquiring Education:

Nowadays, a student can get their degrees without leaving their homes. An academic library will be of no use for students who are acquiring their degrees online. They will get plenty of updated information on their topic of interest on internet.

• Digital Education:

Many colleges and schools are offering online courses. Such courses provide a steady stream of profit for the institute. But the increase in such courses is reducing the need of an academic library as most of the students undertaking such courses are not physically attending the college.

• Outdated Books:

The academic libraries are not updated regularly. The latest books are not available and students prefer to get updated information through e-books etc.

• Issuing a Book; Lengthy task:

If students want to issue a book from library, they have to go through the time consuming task of registration and then getting a book for some days which is why they prefer online means to get their information.

• Not Enough Research Books:

Research students find it difficult to get the relevant information and literature review for their thesis. Therefore, they consult online means rather than going to libraries.

• Academic Libraries are costly:

Some libraries are costly. Whereas, students can get their desired information exclusively free from internet. This issue has also distracted students from using academic libraries.

The academic libraries have been replaced by digital libraries. They are handy to access and one can get a lot of information in just some minutes. Academic libraries need to be updated and digitized in order to attract students. Institutions can do some practical steps to make student attend academic libraries, such as some marks should be allocated for library activity etc. Moreover, students should be taught the importance of using different catalogues and accessing books from libraries. Educationalists should also contribute in the said matter to revive the academic libraries in future.